Our Mission

With pop culture's embrace of the curative benefits of unplugging and #optingoutside, more and more city dwellers are escaping to the backcountry. As the crowds increase, so does our impact. But a little knowledge can go a long way to reducing our footprint and preserving the outdoor spaces we love. It isn't our goal to make every reader a forest ranger; we simply hope to help demystify backcountry best practices, provide simple routines for everyday needs, and answer those most basic questions like, "How DO you poop in the woods?" 

 This is me cracking up on a frozen lake.

This is me cracking up on a frozen lake.

Who "we" are

Julia Renn, Sylvan Pooper

I live bustling Boulder, Colorado, where EVERYONE is an outdoor aficionado. When I moved here half a decade ago, the extent of my relevant experience was camping at KOAs during road trips in my family’s Ford van. Through the grace of Google, I survived enough backcountry misadventures to call myself competent. I love hiking, trail running, camping, backpacking, and collapsing my gear into tiny, perfectly sandwiching parcels that Tetris into my backpack like a work of modern art.

By backpacking with and reading articles by people much smarter than me, I've learned a thing or two that I’d like to share with fellow explorers who may, from time to time, find themselves a little lost.